WATCH VIDEO: How Thomasville neighbors are stepping up to help one another following massive fire

Neighbors in Thomasville are working to help one another following Wednesday’s massive fire at Georgia Crate and Basket Company. World Wide Ministries of Christ welcomed people in throughout the day. Watch the video to see how crews fought the fire and people nearby helped those in need.


Community spirit is being felt across Thomasville following a fire Wednesday morning. Im Maya Sargent in Thomasville, finding out where you can go if you need help and how neighbors are supporting each other.

Kacei Guyton and John Hester work at Fastenal.

“I’ve never seen anything that big and terrifying.”

That’s one of the buildings near the Georgia Crate and Basket Company where the fire ignited Wednesday morning.

“It’s kind of hard to see, I’m not going to lie.”

Their first thoughts are with employees and neighbors, and they’re acting on that.

“Kind of stand up and be a shoulder to lean on for all the people who are involved in this.”

They’ve been handing out water bottles to first responders. Kacei says it’s been beautiful watching neighbors come together from inside and outside the city.

“It’s kind of cool to see other communities come from outside and come in here and help with something like this.”

Support for impacted individuals in Thomasville is being provided at World Wide Ministries of Christ by Pastor Terry Scott. He also serves on Thomasville City Council.

“We provide them with a place to stay at, we provide bathrooms for them, so they’ll be comfortable.”

These efforts build on the work of City, County, first responders, and law enforcement that been working since Wednesday morning.

Scott tells me the City discuss how they can help people navigate any long-term impacts of the fire.

“We’re a strong community, we’ll bounce back.”

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