Lori Paige billboards can be seen throughout Tallahassee; how you can help find her

A few digital billboards are up around the Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood. TPD says the FBI and the Lamar Advertising Office are coordinating exact locations for more billboards that will put up throughout the city. Watch the video above to see updates in the case of the missing 12-year-old Lori Paige.


Twelve-year-old Lori Paige is still missing.

I am Terry Gilliam in the Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood where Billboard is now up to help bring her home. What you see here is just one of many billboards coming to Tallahassee to find missing 12-year-old Lori Paige.

On Tuesday it was announced that Special Agents from the FBI Jacksonville Tallahassee Resident Agency will continue to provide investigative assistance to TPD in the search for the missing girl.

This also means billboard ads are in the works. So far, a pair of ads have been spotted on Apalachee Parkway and on the corner of Park Ave and Magnolia.

Paige was last seen on June 3rd, 2023, on Tallahassee’s northwest side.

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