Midway Police Department joins other agencies to slow drivers down on the road

Neighbors have seen an increase in crashes on Blue Star Hwy. Midway Police and other agencies are doing an initiative to make roads safer with Operation Slowdown. Initiative will be in effect July 15th to July 20th. Watch the video to see what they are doing to stop speeding.


Putting a stop to dangerous driving. Im Ashley Engle in the Midway neighborhood where police are working to slow down drivers. I’m getting a first look at the plan.

Operation slow down

“I think it’s a fantastic initiative.”

An initiative to make roads safer, prevent crashes and save lives.

Something Jonathon Davis thinks is needed especially where he works. Camping world.

“If they’re pulling a camper or driving a fifth wheeler, or they’re driving a big motor home, they can cause a lot of damage to a lot of people and property very quickly.”

Camping world is located on blue star highway. One of the roads law enforcement will have a close eye on alongside I-10.

“Definitely Midway will be out here to slow these speeders down.”

Midways chief of police Kristi Cobb says law enforcement agencies will be increasing their presence on the roads to monitor and enforce speed limits.

“It seems like lately everyone has to get there so fast, and they’re not concerned about their safety, so we want everyone that’s traveling and going wherever you have to go to get there safely. You don’t have to speed, leave early and in enough time to get where you have to go.”

With Midway being one of the busiest interchanges in the region, neighbors have seen an increase in accidents.

I did some researched and asked law enforcement for some numbers and they couldn’t give me the exact number at this time.

” I just like folks to just realize the damage they can cause to many lives by not slowing down.”

Operation slowdown will be in effect July 15th to July 20th.

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