Malfunctioning traffic light working again following neighbor concerns in Wakulla County

A malfunctioning traffic light appears to be working again following neighbor concerns in Wakulla County. It was on the intersection of Bloxhom Cutoff and Woodville Highway in Wakulla Station. Watch the video to find out what happened and what to do if you see any issues in the future.


Traffic and construction.

Two things neighbors in Wakulla County have seen a lot of recently.

That includes this intersection of Bloxhom Cutoff and Woodville Highway.

A malfunctioning traffic light at Wakulla Station Tuesday added to neighbor concerns. I noticed Commissioner Mike Kemps post about it on Facebook.

He wrote in part quote: I have been getting calls about the traffic light in Wakulla Station not working properly.

Comments in response to that post said in part quote:

Several drivers found themselves forced to use the red light as a stop sign to get through.

And another wrote:

I was one of the drivers stuck there this morning at about 8:25.

When I went out there to check it out I noticed cars had to wait longer to move through the area, but the signal appeared to be working, so I called Commissioner Kemp about it.

Over the phone Tuesday afternoon, he told me FDOT said the the light had been fixed.

I also contacted F-DOT to learn more about the issue. Im still waiting to hear back.

While this paving project moves forward, neighbors including Brianna Miley are keeping a close eye on a different project Ive been tracking for monthsthe Crawfordville Road Widening Project.

I used to be able to tell what time it was, and now its a constant steady strain.

She owns Signs by Bri. Shes got a front row view of the action.

Sometimes people get stuck at the light at Bloxham Ive been stuck there a couple of times.

Despite the increased traffic and changing patterns in different parts of the county, Miley tells me the work will be worth the wait in the end.

I think itll really be a boom for the economy once they stop and its all settled.

If something like this happens in the future or if you have questions on the project contact FDOT.

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