VIDEO: Quincy leaders begin to crack down on large gatherings

These gatherings have 50 or more people, and they disrupt traffic on nearby streets, roads, and highways Quincy Police is working to get these gatherings under control. Watch the video to see where they are happening.


Street parties have been an issue in the Quincy neighborhood. If not hosted responsibly, neighbors can face criminal charges.

Im Ashley Engle your neighborhood reporter. Im looking at where these street parties are happening and what type of parties could get neighbors in trouble.

Street party’s and gatherings

“We did have ordinances in place; however, they were not being followed.”

They’ve been an issue that’s been brought to city leaders like Quincy Commissioner Dr. Robin wood’s attention.

These gatherings have been happening in different parts of Quincy including the Gadsden Seafood parking lot.

“The commissioners were concerned about how neighbors are feeling and as a citizen myself we have to be sympathetic to those things even though we are commissioners.”

Now, what type of gatherings are we talking about?

Well, Florida Statute says these gatherings, or “special events” are planned or publicized on social media. They have 50 or more people, and they disrupt traffic on nearby streets, roads, and highways

“If you’re going to have a get together at your home on your private property which you have the right to do so, that you do it in a way that is not disruptive to the neighbors or the citizens around you.

Quincy Police Departments Interim Chief Carlos Hill says if neighbors host these events, they could get a fine or a criminal charge. Law enforcement may also impound cars for up to 72 hours if vehicles are blocking traffic.

“We want to citizens in Quincy to have a great time. We want them to gather, we want them to have a fun time at their house, but we want them to do it responsibly.”

Quincy police took to Facebook to address neighbor’s concerns about these gatherings and posted the Florida Statute to keep these gathering under control.

“Im very pleased the press release was released because now citizens can’t say I don’t know.”

Leaders say they want neighbors to have fun, but they also want neighbors to be safe and to be mindful of those around them.

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