SEE WHY: Four-way stop coming to intersection at Lowndes County border

The intersection of Ga. 125 and Ga. 122 has seen 60 crashes in the last four years, prompting the Georgia Department of Transportation to implement additional safety measures. GDOT will convert the intersection to a four-way stop starting July 15. The project will cost an estimated $17,000. Watch the video to hear neighbors discuss why the need for these changes is so important.


This intersection has seen 60 crashes in the last four years.

“Normally, they’re T-boned cause you got one coming this way and one coming that way.”

Now, there’s a plan to bring that number down.

I’m Malia Thomas, your Valdosta neighborhood reporter.

I traveled to the place where three counties and four roads meet as neighbors wait for changes to be made.

Dianne Longacre lives down the road from her job at Tri-County Grocery, right in the middle of Walker’s Crossing.

She sees…

“… a lot of traffic… accidents every now and then.”

She tells me with her post having a bird’s eye view of the intersection, she’s had a front row seat to several crashes.

“I did see one a week ago, and they did get killed… she felt down 122, and when she hit the car, she was out on the highway and she ended up in the parking lot of dollar general.”

Dianne isn’t the only neighbor who’s seeing these crashes.

Keith Stone, who lives in the Berrien County portion, tells me of a wreck involving a family friend several years ago.

“A young boy on a motorcycle ran under a tractor trailer here that came through this intersection. It didn’t stop. He was going from Ray City to Valdosta and, and you know, that took his life.”

The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that 60 wrecks have occurred here since 2020, and now they’re taking action.

Bemiss Road runs nonstop, while Ga. 122 has stop signs at the intersection.

GDOT will be adding 2 stop signs to the Ray City-Lowndes road, making it a four way stop, just totaling $17K.

Dianne tells me she appreciates the effort, but she’d like to see more.

“I think they should put lights up… glad they’re putting at least a four-way stop in, we’ll see how that works. Hopefully it will work.”

GDOT says the four-way stop conversion starts July 15 and will take just a few days. In Valdosta, I’m Malia Thomas, reporting for ABC27.

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