Court order issued to release ESPN contracts to FSU legal team in court battle with ACC

A proposed court order could lead the Atlantic Coast Conference to turn over ESPN agreements in its legal battle with Florida State University.

It’s the latest turn of events in the legal battle between FSU and the ACC, a case that has simultaneous lawsuits filed in both Leon County and Mecklenberg County, North Carolina.

Both sides have agreed to the terms in the court order. It refers to six documents collectively as “the ESPN agreements”. They are:

2010 ACC Multi-Media Agreement 2012 Amendment and Extension Agreement 2014 Second Amendment to Multi-Media Agreement 2016 Amended and Restated ACC-ESPN Multi-Media Agreement ACC-ESPN Network Agreement (2016) Letter Amendment to Amended and Restated Multi-Media Agreement (August 10, 2021)

The documents would then be disclosed to the FSU Board of Trustees’ legal counsel and any court personnel. Copies can be made to be used in court, but all copies must be disposed of within 60 days of the end of the court battle.

FSU’s legal team has been calling to see these documents since the beginning of the legal situation. The last development was the denial of the ACC’s motion to dismiss the case in Florida.

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