Benefits of Florida’s tax free holiday to neighbors in the Panacea community

The state’s Freedom Month tax holiday is in place through the end of July. During Freedom Month people will not have to pay taxes on things like fishing supplies, outdoor recreation items and some entertainment events. Watch the video to see how some neighbors in Panacea will benefit from this tax holiday.


It promotes a lot more people to get out here and enjoy the outdoors.

Braden Mattingly is the manager at Rocky’s. They sell boating and fishing supplies.

Mattingly says the state’s tax holiday is not only a benefit to their business but customers too.

It cuts a them a big break, a lot of our items less its a drastic difference and its good for our business because we get tourism and everything.

During the month long sales tax holiday known as Freedom Month… people will not have to pay taxes on things like fishing supplies, outdoor recreation items and more.

Brendon Nichols has owned a fishing charter for almost a decade and while he says the tax break is nice, supplies are limited.

Sometimes I gotta jump in the truck and drive an hour north just to go get some supplies it just depends on what variety they have. Some of our places run out quicker than others it depends on the weekend.

While he likes to stock up on supplies ahead of time, he says finding good deals is always good for business.

With that tax break it helps a lot I go ahead of and jump on it and buy what I can.

Another benefit of the tax break -encouraging more people to get out and enjoy the outdoors especially during a time when inflation has made spending a bit tighter for some families.

Its not just fishing its swimming and everything outdoors it impacts everything and their money goes a little bit further than it did before which helps a lot of benefits families and everyone gets to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

The tax holiday also includes live music and sporting events scheduled from now until the end of the year.

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