City of Bainbridge puts a cap on open container curfew

The curfew for open container drinks has changed to 11 p.m. Other changes include requiring a QR code on all to-go cups as well as a business logo. Watch the story to learn more about new and existing guidelines.


Open container rules have changed in downtown Bainbridge.

WTXL reporter AJ Douglas is finding out how the program keeps drinks flowing even after stepping foot outside of the bar.

But there are some guidelines you need to follow to stay safe.

“I started brewing at a pretty young age, said general manager for Southern Philosophy Gallagher Dempsey. 

Dempsey has been brewing since his teens.

He said he’s always had dreams of opening his own business.

“Bainbridge just seemed like the right place at the time, said Dempsey. 

Just before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the nation the city decided to implement an open container district downtown.

Dempsey said it’s a program that helps all businesses because of the flexibility for events like Sip & Shop.

“It’s a great idea to have an open container district for people to walk around. To be able to come in and buy and drink or a beer and be able to walk around and shop, according to Dempsey. 

But the city has implemented some changes like changing the cut off time to 11 p.m. and requiring a QR code on all to-go cups as well as the logo.

Gallahger said a reduced time frame sounds like a step towards added safety.

“At that time if you’re going to be drinking you should just drink inside anyways, said Dempsey. 

All drinks must be purchased from a licensed establishment from within the district.

Find out more about open container rules here.

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