VIDEO: Havana neighbors to hold 8th annual bike ride to remember riders who have died

Florida had a little over 8,000 bike crashes in 2023; 221 of those crashes were deadly. Havana neighbors are having a remembrance ride to remember those who died while riding their bikes. Watch the video above to hear from riders and see how you can get involved.


Riding a bike can be dangerous, if you don’t take the right safety measures.

Neighbors here are having their annual bike ride but this year, its going to be a bit different in a special way I spoke with one neighbor who will be participating in this ride. And he says, spreading awareness on bike safety is important, before losing another life.

It’s a remembrance ride

“They’re going to come here and remember their friends that got them into his crazy rabbit hole of riding a bike.”

A ride that John Dunn says he enjoys. He also knows safety is the top priority.

“People are distracted and there is a lot of people on the road.”

Neighbors here will be having their 8th Annual Havana Hills Spring Classic. A bike ride. This year, remembering neighbors who have been killed while riding their bikes.

“How can a person not know that they his a person on a bicycle?”

Ann Kozeliski says the number of crashes she and other neighbors have heard about involving bike riders, prompted them to make this year’s ride a remembrance ride.

I checked Florida Department of Highway Safety. In 2023, Florida had a little over 8,000 (8,373) bicycle crashes. 221 of those crashes were deadly. Which is why riders recommend, “have an awareness that other people are sharing the road, and just be a kind human being and share the road. I mean we move over for utility trucks can’t we move over, riding a bicycle?”

They’re safety measures that could save a life.

“That’s the reason why now I ride with my wife all the time, I never ride alone.”

With this ride, John hopes riders will know there are safer routes to ride to continue to enjoy what they love.

“Scout it out first. Don’t go out and find yourself on a busy road. Try to find neighborhoods where you can ride with friends and have a conversation.”

Last year, Havana saw 200 riders participate in this ride. If you are interested in being a part of this event, the ride will be this Sunday, February 25 starting at 8:15 a.m. riders will meet in downtown Havana. Visit Havana Main Street to register.

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