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  • Stuffs for sale.

     I’ve posted these items on CL already, but hey…. I’ll post them here too….

    3m23od3ld5T25U15P0a98dc35b3dd4470137c Stuffs for sale.

    Samsung Rogue, CLEAR ESN, with car charger, no wall charger
    $120 OBO
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    Couch $80 OBO8703c 3n73m13pe5O45W45X0a95ef51a79096541196 Stuffs for sale. Some damage to bottom left as you can see, but VERY comfy
    8703c rug Stuffs for sale. 5 ft by 7.5 ft modern ish rug $20 OBO
    8703c headboard Stuffs for sale. Queen headboard $20 OBO
    b7cbd case1 Stuffs for sale.New Palm Pre case, black with circular flowers $10 OBO
    Also I have a Palm usb charger $5 OBO
    b7cbd 3n93o83ld5Z35W35S2a952a45811a7b011159 Stuffs for sale.

    And I have some LG headphones for a Vu or similar phone $5

    8703c 3n73m83o25Z45Q65W5a956e325c30c5171b6b Stuffs for sale.
    3m23od3ld5T25U15P0a98dc35b3dd4470137c Stuffs for sale.ac77a DSCN0396 Stuffs for sale.ac77a DSCN0396 Stuffs for sale.

    Small Diamondback Bike $100 OBO
    Needs some work as you can see, right now just has to have air in the tires, it’s been sitting, has rustyishness, but works fine. Rear Brakes stick some. 
    fa7ea DSCN0397 Stuffs for sale.
    1ad6e DSCN0398 Stuffs for sale.
    1ad6e DSCN0399 Stuffs for sale.

    Not sure why my HTML and all is insane, I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m sure you get the idea. 

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